Frank Cervantes
Full of life…great place…customer service
Jenna Lee Stevens
My bestie and I had the BEST time at Mickey’s on our girls’ trip to Hollywood. It was a dream come true to stop in this iconic spot for some drinks, dancing, and good company. Everyone was so nice and the music was hype!
Stevie Rashford
When I think of adventure and fun, I think of Micky’s in West Hollywood. Everyone here always made me feel welcome. I performed here countless times, the visitors embraced my talent and with their hands up in the air encouraged me to give them the best of me. I love you all very much, the staff, the visitors, and everyone who contribute to my global success as the world’s No.1 superstar.
Cindy Avila Romero
Great place to hang out. They do not water down drinks. The food is good and so is the service. The employees there are always smiling and very pleasant.
Kyle Strodtbeck
I **LOVE** Micky’s. It’s the HAPPIEST place on Earth!!! So many on here wrote about theft and shady behaviors. I have come to Mickys weekly for 4 years (excluding the lockdowns) and I never had a problem. The bartenders are nice. The dancers are fantastic.