“ARRIBA: The Heartbeat of Latin Nights at Micky’s!

Every Thursday, ascend to a vibrant celebration that’s been the soul of Micky’s for over a decade. “ARRIBA” is where beats, hearts, and cultures collide from 10:30 PM to 2 AM.

Feel the warmth of the community as DJ Ivan Mariscal crafts a playlist that’s pure Latin fire – the classics, the chart-toppers, and everything in between. It’s a musical journey that’s kept our dance floor sizzling for years.

Join us upstairs and become part of the legacy. “ARRIBA” isn’t just a night out; it’s where memories are made and every song feels like home.

Music by DJ Ivan Mariscal

Door Diva Laura Galvan

Featuring sexy Go Go Dancers

10:30 PM – 2 AM | Upstairs